Ultrasonic and DHT Testing

There are many non-destructive testing techniques available today to assist the surveyor to establish the condition of a vessel or components of the craft. Freeman & Partners has a wide rande of equipment in-house and access to every relevant technique.

Ultrasonic testing
We have in-house digital ultrasonic equipment enabling us to investigate metal plate thickness, tank tops and otFor entire hulls thickness surveys we have good relations with qualified experts with calibrated certificated equipment in the UK and abroad.

We will incorporate their findings with our report combining the visual inspection with the ultrasonic results enabling the best understanding of the hull or structure condition being tested.her structures without having to call upon the services of additional companies.

Dye penentrant testing
We have in-house equipment for dye penentrant testing; this method is very useful at identifying hairline surface cracks in rod rigging cold heads and other metal components.

Leak detection
We have in-house equipment designed to identify leaks to hatches, windows, tank tops and general fittings. This system can identify the exact point of ingress not simply the area the leak appears.

Osmosis testing
We have a variety of different pieces equipment specifically designed to test GRP structures for high moisture content. With our in-house knowledge and visual inspection we can interpret these readings to establish the condition of the structures being tested.
Osmosis blistering

Load testing
We have a variety of equipment including a 5 tonne load cell enabling us to accurately test a variety of different equipment and structures. Please discuss your requirements with our office and we will identify a suitable method of testing.

Some tools that can produce excellent results are simply too expensive for use exclusively in the marine industry. With our knowledge, tools and specialist techniques from aero-nautical, wind turbine or military fields can be adapted to produce an economic solution to an individual maritime problem.

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