Pre-purchase Surveys

Buying a boat is a major investment, one that requires careful consideration. As members of the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association we offer a comprehensive inspection of all types of vessel. Our surveyors will carry out a detailed inspection systematically checking all possible elements of the vessel highlighting their condition and categorising any faults in order of seriousness. This allows our customer to make an informed decision on the suitability of the vessel and where applicable allows negotiation on the sale price.

Sea Trials

We provide a thorough sea trial inspection testing all systems and machinery. Engine data is recorded and compared with manufacturers specification. Sea trials often highlight issues that are undetectable during a standard survey.

Oil Samples

Oil samples are a very helpful way to identify internal engine problems. Samples are taken and sent away for analysis, the results are sent back to our surveyor who will interpret the elements found in the oil to identify areas of concern within the engine. This relatively inexpensive testing may highlight internal problems with the engine that cannot be detected by visual inspection.



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