Endoscopic Investigation

We offer detailed Endoscopic investigations carried out by an experienced operative, allowing the condition of very restricted areas to be accessed and assessed without dismantling. A report will be issued with each investigation.

Our endoscopes can be used for a vast number of jobs saving time and money, please contact our office to discuss your requirements, we’ll help you find a solution.

We have two sizes of endoscope, one very small allowing inspection of small enclosures such as piston crown inspection in engines the other slightly larger, this unit is attached to a camera and recording system allowing records of our findings to be saved.

Our larger endoscope is ideal for examining structures behind tanks or fitted moldings. This method of inspection saves damaging moldings and fittings to gain access. Time and labour charges are often substantially reduced, not to say the inconvenience of refitting the mouldings and tanks unnecessarily if the structure is found to be sound.

Large Endoscope with Recording Facilities


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