Class/MCA Compliance

Freeman & Partners have been Nominated by the Yacht Designers & Surveyors Association Certifying Authority to undertake MCA compliance examinations on behalf of the MCA.

All small vessels (up to 24m) operating commercially in British waters with less than 12 passengers and/or cargo require MCA Certification. There are currently four codes soon to be incorporated into one harmonised code covering workboats & pilot boats, small commercial sailing vessels, small commercial motor vessels and vessels operating from a nominated departure point. For more information on the harmonised code please click on this link


The coding procedure is quite simple and we are on hand throughout the whole process to help and assist you. First of all you need to click here to download an Application for Examination (SCV1) which should be completed and returned to the YDSA with the appropriate fee. Currently these are £100.00 + VAT = £117.50 for vessels <15m and £150.00 + VAT = £176.25 for vessels >15m.

Once the YDSA has received your application, they will send you an Application for a Stability Category and an SCV2 Compliance Document. Please fill out as much of the SCV2 as possible prior to survey. If required, we can arrange to attend on board to help you go through the SCV2 and point out any areas which may need updating or improving prior to the formal inspection.

When the vessel is ready for inspection, we will attend to complete the SCV2 and ensure the information provided is correct. This is then sent to the YDSA and a MCA Certificate issued.

Our fees for undertaking inspections, based upon the assumption that the vessel is ready for coding, are £45 per metre for vessels <15m and £60 per metre for vessels >15m. In the event that the vessel is not ready for inspection further charges will apply.
Once coded, your vessel will require a mid-term inspection every 3 years to make sure the vessel still complies. The inspection fees are taken out of your annual subscription charges to the Certifying Authority. We are able to undertake these inspections.


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